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"I Will Sing Till I Am 80"- Asa

It is only few out of many Nigerian singers that can burst of singing till the age of 80, off course you would agree with me that Asa will make it to that list because she's exceptional.

The French Nigerian soul singer strike up a career conversation among her believeth fans on twitter after tweeting about her desire to sing till she aged 80.

Little History:
Asa was born in Paris in 1982, grew up in Nigeria and later make her way back to the French country where her career as a musician kick off. The river of success in the music industry flow to her side after she had audition with a Grammy award winning band in Paris. The audition that put her through a test of patient of about 10 hours, waiting behind the door with lot of hopes mixed with anger eventually became a success story of today. 

With songs like "Bibanke", "Be My Man", "Jailer", "Fire On The Mountain", "Eye Adaba", "The One That Never Comes", "Dead Again"…

You Don't Want To Be Adenrele Edun In 1998. Story That Touches The Heart.

Adenrele Edun's life was not all bed full of roses but a life made out of determination, hard work, patient and creativity. But trust me you don't want to be bros. in 1998 Lol! The look is so hilarious! Somebody should close my mouth please...

Throwback to my Matriculation Day in Unilag. 1998. Day of Glory that became a Day of Disgrace! • Back Home (then), we had this little-black-and-white-brandless-TV that never showed steady pictures...We always had to slap it hard for it to show properly and each heavy slap only held vice for bout 20mins! I was always exasperated with it! One Sunday, I rubbed anointing oil on it and Alleluia, the "skoin-skoin" of this toolbox-sized TV ceased and it was perfect picture all day (only on that Sunday)! Then & there, I saw a promo for an audition: New young actors and actresses wanted for the most popular family series back then. (D Executive Producer is late now, Heaven bless her soul!). I was FRIGGING EXCITED. Jotted down d address, went d next day (Monday) to their office in Ikeja, paid 2k for d form & got the Audition dates. • The actual auditioning date was the same day as my Matric. Even before the Matric, I posed with a makeshift gown (cos I couldn't afford one) & raced to Ikeja in my very best ensemble (My Dad's checkered shirt, my best denim pants, borrowed shades and my Yaba-Aba-made trainers that always smelt so bad after I took them off). I was at the auditioning ground from 10am thru till 7pm waiting for my turn. I honestly didn't mind the long wait...I wanted to be on the show so bad cos I needed the cash, exposure and of course, work. My turn and I went in with all d confidence in d world. They called in 10 of us & when it was time to act, I nailed it. However, there was an Actor on the panel (very popular at that time) who was eyeing me in disdain. He suddenly started throwing questions at me, perhaps in a bid to make me look stupid or throw me off but i was damn ready for him. He looked me squarely in the eye and told me, I recall this too well; "YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT IN THIS INDUSTRY. YOU ARE TALENTLESS AND JUST WASTED OUR TIME. YOU WANT US TO PUT U ONSCREEN? SUCH A DISGRACE". I thought he was reading from d script. Next thing, I was walked out with the others. D other guys tried consoling me but I left shattered. Trekked from Ikeja to Yaba. Cried all The way home. • U know my name, not my story. U've heard what I've done, but not what I'v been thru!
A post shared by Denrele Edun (@denrele_edun) on

Throwback picture of Adenrele with his former heart...
This shot is almost 20 YEARS OLD! Throwback to 1999/2000 when @sholacreativestudios in Surulere was every models solace, learning field and prerequisite for apt discovery! If your picture never made it up on his "Wall Of Modelling Fame" , then you needed a Mannequin reshuffle! • This throwback shot is to TITI FANTA - the exquisitely beautiful model with me; the Intelligent @titithedynamite who stole my heart in my adolescent years! We listened to d same kinda music, read the same kinda books, jumped all the buses for every single casting in town, argued over the silliest things and yes, we even had a choreographed dance routine for all the clubs especially 11:45 in Ikoyi! • See the shirt I gat on? She bought it for me. Twas bout 2k or so but then I had just 3 shirts and 4 jeans so it was truly a welcome addition to my meagre wardrobe. We fought about this but she eventually had her way and got it for me. And so we trekked to Surulere (from Alagomeji, Yaba) and took this shot at Shola's studio. Plus I actually tore out the "Tommy Hilfiger" logo from a model's shirt (hanging in the changing room) and quickly pinned it on to my boxers....Do have a good laff on me! • Long story cut short; Never despise humble beginnings! And don't EVER forget your Day1's*
A post shared by Denrele Edun (@denrele_edun) on 
Ebute Metta West people are proud of you though.


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