Who Are The Right Candidate For Brand Endorsement, Professional Models, Actors Or Musicians?

March 09, 2018

This days brand endorsement flys around like birds in the sky. It has become a stone of wealth thrown at celebrities across the entertainment sector divisions. 

The questions are - 
~ who are the right people that should be given endorsement? 

~ What are the determinants that qualifies a person or persons for endorsement? 

~ In Africa Musicians and Actors get more endorsement than Models, why

In Africa, getting endorsement deal is one of the fastest way of becoming a millionaire for men and women in the world of art.

It became something of must have when the telecommunication giants in Africa turned it into a game changer plan to attract customers thereby lavishing endorsement deals on Nigerians in the art business especially Musicians and Actors leaving behind Models.

So we asked, where are the mannequins?

In a quest to get to the root of this, we had a chat with some professionals in the modeling industry. Our first interviewee makes it clear that what he considered the headache of the issue at hand was the idea of brand owners to systematically convert celebrities fans into their brand prospective customers through celebrities brand ambassadorship which in turn favoured Actors and Musicians more than professional Models.

'But what resulted to Actors and musicians is that the brand owners are taken advantage of the popularity of the celebrities, getting their fan base to be prospective clients.' ~Tunde Afolabi of Creat Ur World Agency.

We also had a chat with Nigerian Supermodel and West Africa Fashion Award Ambassador 2016, Shola Badejoko who admitted that celebrity Actors and Musicians do have more fans than the Models in Africa which attracts brand owners hence the reason for endorsement job lose to Actors and Musicians. 

He also called African Modeling Agencies to action saying they should prove to brand owners that Models are worthy of selling their brands.

'Endorsement deal is rightly for models especially Commercial Models...
But what I see is that a brand is a business, and any brand that wants to advertise or publicize the name of his company will love to strike the deal with an Actor or Music Artist because they are image with lot of fan which means whatever they advertise, for sure the fans or followers will patronize ... And bring huge income for the brand.

In the aspect of Commercial Modelling I think its high time Agencies find solution to that area... Because its really lagging , they need to convince brand they are worthy of advertising there product
As a model our image is our brand and whichever brand we advertise is worth a billion dollar ...' ~ Shola Badejoko

Does it really means that what determines being a brand ambassador is the numbers fans clinging to the "person's" personality or there are other things we haven't discovered. To get our facts right we decided to inquire from from brand manager

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