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Just like every other fansof Game Of Thrones i was looking forward to the death of Daenery, imaginating Jon Snow on the Iron throne the whole happy ever after story. Although, i did hope for too much because Avengers Endgame has thought me that great movie or series writer always don't like to end their story on a happy note without a tragic moment that will almost make you cry.

After watching the famous Game Of Thrones episode 6 i couldn't help ask why? Why should series end with Jon Snow back to Knight watch when you say our watch is over.

Secondly, i do not understand why Jon Snow who happens to be most Game Of Thrones viewers best character will end up such a bad destiny. I mean, let us analyze it together, He was born a bastard, all his life he fought to liberate people and always after doing the right thing even at the worst moment, he was brutally killed and betrayed but ressurected, lost his crown to protect The North and at the end of the series discovered that he was not a bastard afterall; he was a Targeryen and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne by birth right. Just when i thought Jon Snow will finally get the honour deserve for all he has done the writer then took it all away from him by making him kill the only woman he has ever loved in his life. Whao! What a life!

Seguel to Arya Stark emotional action the ended episode 5, someone would think Arya Stark will come back in episode 6 with all determination kill Daenery but it was so disappointing how the writer kill the vibe and just wasted the heroic moment that could have made Arya Stark a legend.

The only scene i love in episode 6 was Lady Sansa becoming the queen of The North. I love the fact that North remains independent and still under the control of the Starks family because the Stark family represent the kind of political leaders any followers will ever wished for.

As for Tyrion, hwen you are as wise as serpent, you bent the most powerful man on earth to dance zanku and breakdance to your beat without moving a muscle. If you have power but not wise, you nothing. I can believe Tyrion who is a dwarf could survived that long in the series. He committed trison twice and escaped it just by negotiation and advising. And most amazingly become the most powerful man in all the six kingdoms after the cripple king ofcourse. I mean, see what happened at the end of episode 6 has he was arranging the conference chairs jsut to indirectly let his subordinates knows where they belong and after the king left the conference room he takes charge as the next in command. He might have said he does not want the throne for himself but with that attitude he sure does want the throne for himself and suggesting Bran as the selected King for the Iron Throne is a perfect way to systematically and automatically make himself the head of the six kingdom affairs.

Tyrion was the wisest.  

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