I remember when my childhood days, i was told when too elephants are fighing i should not get involved or get punished and when you are cut up in the fight with them sometimes it is better to sit on the fence or you will the shortgun that will fire the bullet to the other.

That's exactly what happened between 50 Cent, Rick Rose and Nicki.

Just so you know, 50 Cent and Rosay has never been friends not even once and according to HotNewHipHop, "There will likely never be a time in our lives when Rick Ross and 50 Cent see eye to eye." Not good right? Yeah, i thought so too.

It appears 50 Cent and Rosay had a beef about who's the most relevant the industry after Rosay claimed he did not know 50's music value. Whoops, now that's a shortgun fired by Rosay but 50 Cent keep it cool but did not occur to anyone that 50 Cent was only waiting for the best time to shoot a shot. And it did got a bad sling and the shot was hot! Trust me Lol!

So the shot is, after the whole beef was buried, long gone then Nicki revived it after the MMG boss called her out in record. When Nicki was on Joe Bdden podcast, Nicki called out Rosay for disrespecting her and also brought 50 cent name into it. And this is what she said,

"Now, you try to disrespect 50? Tried to hope 50 would respond to your nonsense this time? Boy, sit your fat ass down,"

And just like a lion waiting patiently for his prey to hit the trap, 50 Cent took to instagram to make mockery of Rosay with this little clip


Yeah that's a serious wow!

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