If i live in Lekki Rezvani Tank X & Beast Alpha will be my toy.

I stumbled on this superman looking truck on the internet while surfing to find something to inspire me to write about car and i sure did find something that reminds me of what kind of car i should be driving if at all i can afford one putting my environment in check.

For someone like me who lives on the mainland, like i and my friends love to call it, "The Other Side of Lagos" Lol! I am sure you're guessing why we call Mainland part of Lagos "The Other Side". The answer is because that's where the real tough lagosians lives. Well that's a story for another day.

So looking at this amored looking truck, Rezvani Tank X, all that was playing in my head was the kind of dragging and bragging i will display on Lagos roads. For example, places like Ojuelegba, Mushin, Yaba, Oshodi, Cele, Orile, Alaba, Iyana Paja, Agege e.t.c As in, all those tough places where yellow buses (Volkswagon bus aka Danfo or Paragon) driver will tells you "bros la ju e, ma decorate mo to e (meaning bros open your eyes, i will re-decorate your car for you) and before you do jack robinson, they have pushed you to the center then you will get stocked in the go slow there.

But if you are driving a car like Rezvani Tank X, Gush! how do i explain the feeling, you know there is a kind of car you'll drive everybody on the road will be scared of coming close Lol! In fact, yellow bus drivers will be the one begging you not to come close. Crazy right? Lol!

On the other hand, driving on the road of Lagos Beverly Hills (Lekki/Victoria Island/Ikoyi/Banana Island) will be so much fun with Rezvani Beast Alpha. Lekki/Victoria Island/Ikoyi/Banana Island is not a place you live without having the kind of car that will announce your arrival without you speaking a word.

 As in, there are some kinds of car that you will cruise and LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management) will be scared of asking you for driving license. Not because you are the son or daughter of the president neither are you looking huge and handsome but the beauty of your car is speaking British english in German tongues and the LASTMA or police officer could not just understand the phonetics not only could he not understood but he is floating on the moon helping you imagine the cost of the car in dollars while his medulla oblongata is busy calculating the conversion to Naira.

 God i need these two cars!

Rezvani Tank X  is off road supercar with over 1000 horsepower. It has 6.2L Supercharged Demon V8 engine from Dodge Demon. It is also equiped with Sport tuned suspension Thermal night vision and EMP protection

One the things i love about the car is that the side steps are auto retract. So going it comes out and goes back in when gets in the car. Very cool! And the dimensons are as follows
Height   79 inches, Length   196 inches, Width  84 inches and Weight 4,500 lbs. For more infor visit Rezvani Motors

Now speaking of my supercar sport car, Rezvani Beast Alpha, it is truly a beast in beautiful skin.
"Born from the vision of a pure driving experience, the Rezvani Beast Alpha was designed with one thing in mind: the driver."

Beast Alpha "at its core sits a reliable and powerful 450 HP Rezvani built  engine, and given an innovative and efficient supercharger. The results are astonishing performance — Beast is capable of 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, giving drivers the ultimate thrill. The engine also allows  for a low cost of ownership and service."

The top is removeable targa-style top. Which means you can either drive it around with the top or have removed to enjoy open-air while driving at your own pleasure without having to sacrifice usability.

Now this is the coolest part of the Beast, wait for it, it has SideWinder Doors. The side winder door is the Trademark which gives a unique experience unlike any other car. It also makes entering and existing of more convenient and believe me, any where you open the doors people jaws will drop unconciously.

About gear and burning the carbon Beast gat you covered it has "a close ratio 6-speed manual transmission provides accurate gear shifts and allows the driver to be fully involved in the driving experience. Available optional sequential automatic." A "uniquely positioned dual exhaust tips provide a muscular and exhilarating exhaust note that can be heard for miles." and "A composite material used in aerospace and Formula 1 racing, carbon fiber Construction allows Beast to be one of the lightest sports cars in the world, and is critical to Beast's handling and race car driving dynamics. Beast Alpha's body is made entirely of carbon fiber."

See specs below

0-60 MPH in 3.5 Seconds
Rezvani supercharger
500 Horsepower
6-Speed Manual Gearbox
Sequential Automatic Optional

Carbon fiber Body
Weight: 1,950 Pounds (750KG)
Length: 165.2 Inches  (4,145 mm)
Width: 80.1 Inches (1,981 mm)
Wheelbase: 92.3 Inches (2,345 mm)

So how much are these two cars : REZVANI TANK X COST $349,000 USD AND REZVANI BEAST ALPHA COST $229,000

I will buy these two cars next week! I am speaking it into existence.

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