A lady on Instagram speaks on the age gap between  Toyin Abraham and fiance, Kolawole Adeyemi.

According to her, Toyin Abraham looks older than her fiance and fellow industry mate Kolawole.

Well, it also appears it was noticed by all Nigerians but people just decided to mind their business. In fact, I and my friends were actually discussing it that the age difference between the two of them is glary to the eyes but chose not to say anything about it. I even praised social media trollers for not jumping her only to stumbled on this viral video a few minutes ago.

Naija trollers no dey carry last for matter wey no concern them

However, Toyin Abraham is engaged to Kolawole, so they have not tied the knot yet

According to Toyin's spokesperson Samuel Olatunji, in a conversation with Punchng, He said "I don’t know where the information in those reports came from, but Toyin and Kolawole only just got engaged the traditional way. This is not the same thing as being officially married,”

He also added that pictures of the couples swimming through the internet are pictures taken during their private traditional introduction and engagement ceremony which held on July 4th 2019 and was attended by the couple's relatives and friends

Like they say, a relationship that has involve pregnancy can never be hidden, Before the pictures of Toyin's pregnancy and the secret baby shower internet by storm and confirmed the relationship between the two love birds, there have been speculations among their fans who sensed the two are neck-deep in a relationship.

Well, congratulations to the couples and do hope we hear the wedding bell ring soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy the ranting of the Instagram stroller who feels her opinion about Toyin and Kolawole's age gap matters a lot.

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