It is so unfortunate that my favourite 3 in 1 coffee drink, Cowbell Coffee have been counterfeited.

Just two weeks ago I ran out of beverages so I decided to get 2 shachets of Cowbell Coffee from a provision store down my street to complete my morning breakfast. Only to discovered that the Cowbell Coffee I bought was tasting like it has expired.

I checked the expiring date for confirmation but the expiring date is 09/18 which is September 2018.

I went to complain to the retailer I bought it from and she apologized, said it must have been heat from Sun reflections that makes it taste like that because it was stored in the show glass outside the shop.

Few minutes after taking the coffee drink I started throwing up ferociously. I told my sister the Cowbell Coffee I took makes me throw-up she said maybe because the water I used to mix it was not very hot enough.

To get my facts right, today, I decided to buy one Cowbell Coffee sachet each from the two vendors at my reach. So I bought one sachet from the same retailer I bought from before and went to another retailer store to get a sachet, that lead to my discovery of the unthinkable.

At first, I didn't see that the pack design was not the same because they looks so much alike. Not until I pour the powder from the two sachets into different mug then I realised that one powder is more brownish than the other.

I tasted the powders one after the other and they tasted differently. The very brownish one taste like it has expired while the fairly brownish one taste exactly as it should.

Afterwards, I checked the packs, I discovered that the very brownish one, the pack has one female cow cartoon printed on it while the fairly brownish pack has one female and one male cow cartoon printed on it.

Then I proceed to the expiring date, to my greatest surprise they both have the same expiring date which is the same 09/18 which is September 2018.

I know you would ask if I drank it to see my body reactions. Yes! I drank a little of the very brownish one and I started feeling like throwing up again but I tried the other and it felt good.

So please peoole I think it is high time to start going to market with sample or samples of original consumables pack you have for proper comparison before making any purchases of consumables either in the market or provision stores.

Please always take precautions before buying any consumables. Make sure you check the expiring date and compare the packs designs before you buy. If you noticed any questionable differences call the retailer attention to it and if he or she can't provide any reasonable explanation find your out of the store immediately.

You can report to NAFDAC your experience via the following numbers

NAFDAC Complaint Lines:

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