In Boyfriend And Girlfriend Relationship, Is Cheating An Offence?

April 14, 2018

I know you would say relationship is all about commitment, but did you ever ask your what you really want before getting yourself involved?

Whether you like or not. That man or that woman you call your love is not your own until the two of you put a ring to it. Gbam! 

I have been following up on a lot of celebrities and non celebrities story lately and I discovered the un-married once among them used the three word phrase "cheated on me". So I asked, is it really proper say he or she cheated on me when the status of your relationship is Boyfriend and girlfriend. 

In my opinion, Boyfriend and Girlfriend relationship level is where you search for your future partner so at that level your heart is not complete focused on one person. I believe that explains why you always want to admire every girl or boy that passes by. It also explains why you feel like you have no one to answer if go on a date  or spend the night with Shade.

Saying she or he cheated on me makes me sick when it comes out of the mouth of someone who is not in a genuine relationship. I believe there is a huge difference between "Boyfriend & Girlfriend" and "Fiance and Fiancee".

When your relationship is at the level of "Fiance and Fiancee" definitely you guys are already weighting every options you have which simply means the two of you are deeply committed. Then, if Innocent had sex with Tonto, it is a capital letter "CHEAT".

Davido and Chioma are currently in a Girlfriend and Boyfriend relationship and he has spend so much for her already. If OBO find himself in a company of another pretty lady tomorrow it is not a "cheat" because the relationship is still a "fling". There is something called "Asedanu" in Yoruba meaning waste of time. Well I wish them both a great future together (hopefully).

It is so unfortunate that what most youth indulge in now is a Boyfriend and Girlfriend relationship and end up becoming Baby-Mama and Baby-Father or Daddy which ever that suits you.

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