My Opinion: Nigerians Do Not Vote For Revenge.

November 08, 2018

Nigerians please do not vote because you want to unseat a failed government. Vote because you want a better future. Vote because you believe in your political aspirant of choice.

People's reactions online towards 2019 presidential election makes me to start paying attention to people's thought and reasons why they will vote come 2019 and what i discovered was totally shocking to me.

I discovered some Nigerians have decided to vote because they want to unseat the incumbent government and that sounds like a revenge to me. In fact, it proves we do not know what we want as a nation.

In a conversation with some people, I was told why they want to vote for Atiku is because the only party and person that can unseat President Muhammadu Buhari is the Ex-Vice President Atiku of "PDP" and I asked myself, what happened to all our agitation for youth president and totally different person from the old political circle?

Firstly, I would like to bring to your consciousness that voting for Atiku because you want to unseat Buhari is not the solution to Nigeria problem rather it makes us look weak and blind to the so called political godfathers who have decided to turn Nigeria political offices into their DVD where they decides which CD goes in and out.

I am saying, we all cried for not too young to rule bill to be passed to law and we succeeded in making it happen and now we have youths with in-depth knowledge of business, well informed, highly educated with self made wealth contesting for Presidency and we want to throw it all away because of our hate for the present administration by voting for someone whom we know is not worth it because we believed he can unseat Buhari. Sounds so out of vision to me.

I also gathered that voting Atiku is the only way to stop APC from rigging 2019 election. Like seriously, please be wise Nigerians. Atiku cannot and will not stop APC from rigging election. All APC need to do is to pay him handsomely well and case closed. Have you forgotten that political issues in Nigeria is business as usual? If not, why do we have EFCC playing jaboree of arrest and prosecution of highly corrupt Nigerian politicians without result? You and I know the answer to that.

I believe this is an opportunity for you as a Nigerian to truly exercise what is call democracy by taking off time to know all these political offices aspirants by reading about them via all platforms available to them and decide who you believe is right to lead this great nation.

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