Following the #DefendYourVote campaign concert promotion currently flying around the cyber space, Nigerian Music Superstar Davido have got a lot to say as he publicly address the impression that entertainers shouldn't be involve in politics as it is a dangerous game.

Davido who posted the #DefendYourVote campaign promo picture on Saturday 09 2019 followed it up with his opinion concerning the killings and kidnapping in the state and also urge his fellow entertainers and celebrities to not keep silent. see the transcripts below

He said " Aren't we Entertainers tired of pple telling us to stay out of politics because it's dangerous. Are we still gonna be listening to them for years to come?! WE ARE POWERFUL AND THEY KNOW ME I FULL  GROUND! IT'S OUR COUNTRY AND IT'S OUR BUSINESS ABOUT HOW 'OUR' country is being run?"

He continues... "We have power not them!! They know this but they don't want 'US' to know!! All that killing, threatening and kidnapping sh*t because some one is speaking the truth ENDS NOW!!! #DEFENDYOURVOTE"

Ever since Davido involvement in Ekiti state governorship election in 2018 the artiste has been lending his voice to awaken the general public towards performing their civil right which to come out and make use of their PVC and elect the candidate of their choice into the public offices this forthcoming elections.

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