By Tunde Eso
Ilesa West, Osun State, +2348038272210

On a Nigerian youth’s chances of winning the Presidency in the 2019 general election, I must confess that our efforts at waking up the sleeping giants among the youths for the past two decades have not been a waste. I want to advise Atiku Abubakar, Jerry Gana, Sule Lamido, Jonah Jang, Olusegun Obasanjo, President Muhammadu Buhari and other gerontocrats to quit the political space in Nigeria if they really want the youths to take over from them. They should quit partisan politics and support a young and dynamic person for the 2019 election for a better Nigeria.

I have been advocating the youths to take over governance for the past two decades which propelled me to coin a new system of government called Youthocracy, defined as a government of the people, by the youths and for the people in 2013 in my book titled, Vision for Africa. Presently, we have Mathias Tsado, Omoyele Sowore, Fela Durotoye, Ahmed Buhari, Eunice Atuejide, Adamu Garba, Tope Fasau, Olu James Omosule, Eniola Ojajuni, Enyinnaya Nwosu, Femi Babalola among those contesting the presidency in 2019. If we can come together and present one of these persons, it will be easier to win the election. That was why I said I prefer a youth, but if we do not succeed, I’m sure we must have made a statement. Our cause is not because we want to take over power by all means, but because we have not been comfortable with the fact that our country still lacks stable electricity, no gainful employment, and the environment is not even conducive to businesses as to succeed. Those managing the affairs of our country presently have not been fair to us and we can not continue to fold our arms.

Most of our leaders own one business or the other and during recruitments for higher managerial positions, they usually specify that applicants between 28 and 35 with a profound track record and at least five years experience should apply. How come they can leave their businesses into the hands of the youths believing that they are energetic and intelligent but have refused to allow the same youths to manage the affairs of our country? A Youthocrat is better except we can lay our hands on an elder who is credible.

Any credible youthocrat is my preferred candidate, otherwise, a profound gerontocrat who will ensure youth inclusiveness.
Watch as Tunde Eso founder of youthocracy suggested that 6 youths should be in the ministerial list.  

Share it.  Youthocracy must stand.

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