Fidelis Duker Founder of FAD 93.1 FM Calabar.
Japan now ready to invest in Nollywood as part of a motion for African development in the just concluded 7th edition of Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) which held in Yokohama, Japan from 29th to 30th August 2019.

Japan that has never invest in any Nigerian movie project or any of the cultural work of art in Nigeria has shown interest in the second-largest movie industry in the world.

According to Fidelis Duker, one of the Nigerian delegate at the conference, Japan is already considering the possibilities of investing in Cinema chains in Nigeria and he also stated that it will be facilitated by Japanese companies.

Duker, who attended the conference at the instance of the United Nations, UN, and Japan foundation spoke at a round-table on the potential areas of future collaboration in the film industry of African countries and Japan with the theme “Africa Across borders… the emerging markets.

Duker also added that this mutual relationship between Japan and Nigeria is a move that promises a brighter future for the Nigerian movie industry and Africa at large. He said, “ So, we see this move as a brighter future for the film sector in Nigeria and Africa at large.”

Speaking of a language barrier as the two countries do have the same general language he said he was able to allay that fear insisting, however, that language should be seen as the solution to any encumbrance the partnership may encounter as the world is more of a global village. “ Moreover the film has only one language which is communication through pictures.” Duke further buttress his point by emphasizing on the varied opportunities that abound in the continent in the areas of transfer of talents which is training and capacity building, access to both markets of Japan and Nigeria, co-production opportunities, funding support for festivals in the area of cultural exchanges. In essence this is the first in a series of meetings to building a mutually beneficial future for Nollywood,”

Little Bio on Fidelis Duker

He is a filmmaker and founder of FAD (93.1FM) Radio in Calabar and also the owner of FAD 360 TV in Cross River State.  Duker was the former President of Directors Guild of Nigeria, DGN and recently re-elected as Regional Secretary General, Federation of Pan African Filmmakers (FEPACI), West Africa.

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