By Victor Afamefune aka Savvy

The rabble rousers will never stop talking about the president's death ,the opposition will not stem their attacks of calumny on the president .Whether the president is dead or not ,one thing is concrete  and certain ,the president has died in the hearts and minds of the majority who thronged the streets of the major cities of the country to vote in a man who had an aura of Everest ,who seemed insurmountable in the face of corruption and political misdeeds .He is dead to those vibrant men who undertook long distance journeys on foot in the scorching heat and the ardous roads to show solidarity to a man who had the charisma and reputation to effect fiscal policy changes in major sectors and sections of the polity .There was a certain confidence that the Buhari of old exudes that this one doesn't apparently .The Buhari of old instilled cultural and environmental values  when he introduced (WAI)War Against Indiscipline, the same government hunted down politically corrupt men and women with so much vigour and gusto that the mere mention of his name evoked fear and dread. 
The rabble rousers are point blankedly right on one score ,the president is dead ,the president is in a pseudo state controlled by overpowering politicians who are determined and hell bent to foster control and adjudicate our continous ordeal.Aisha Buhari raised constant clouds of dust when she claimed that her husband was surrounded by cabals, the question is would a Buhari of old who was vibrant and effervescent attract such calibre of crass politicians? Whether there is a political sabotage or not ,one thing is clear we no longer have the old Buhari who proclaimed to the high heavens that "I am for everybody and am for nobody " where is the Buhari who spoke with so much venom to tackle insecurity, terror and insurgency?
Buhari's antecedents has always shown that he was a man of action but this government has been portrayed as the complete opposite of what we knew him to be ,thus his governance is like a cusk that has been refused water .The narrative of rumour mongers and mischief makers that the president is dead holds more credence when we also consider events as they are currently unfolding in Aso Rock .The alleged alienation of the first lady and the blockade to and from the president's reach and of course the continued less interactions with the Nigerian media raises a lot of questions coupled with the frequent health related trips abroad that seems unending does nothing to quell these stories .
Nigeria is in a logjam premeditated on this occurrences that have mired this country in a mesh of mishaps ,a Buhari who has control over the judiciary and it's instruments ,a Buhari who maligns and subjects the media to so much intimidation and heart ache .A president who doesn't speak to his own people is dead ...savvy? 

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