If you stick your head out of your window to see the fashion world you would find millions of fashion brands speaking in different styles at different times but at this time comes to life a fashion brand standing out with nostalgia style, 'Chinazam'.

Speaking of nostalgia, there are moments in your life that are so dear to your heart. Moments you always love to remember. Moments that bring a smile to your face or otherwise. Moments that remind you that you can be whoever you want to be. 

Moments like your child first step, first kiss, 20th, 40th or 50th birthday, some joyful unforeseen moments like you and your friends at an event, club or bar.

Moments like travel experiences, your first time on a plane or first time in public transport. First time in South Africa, United Kingdom, Paris or New York. 

Moments like when your dream comes through, when you got that dream job, when you received that fat paycheck and when you sign the life-transforming deal.

All these moments and more are the inspiration behind Chinazam. The brand that brings back beautiful memories. The fashion brand that put together pieces that tells your story, my story and our story.


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