One of Nigerian gay rights activist has called out Bobrisky and described him as a "Fraud".

According to LIB, Bisi slammed bobrisky after the Nigerian Barby publicly said he chose to become a crossdresser to change is financial status. 

In an Instagram post on 26 December, Bobrisky shared with his fans the life experience that led to him deciding to be a crossdresser, he said he suffered so much as a full man but that changed immediately he became a crossdresser, he started making a lot of money.

In his words: 
This message is for you all to read before you judge me. I was formally a man for 25 years, nothing to show for it. I kept struggling even with my certificate as a graduate of accounting at the University of Lagos, nothing to still show for it. I saw how all my female friends were cashing out back then. I went home and think about my life. If I join robbery they will end up killing me, secondly, I don't even have that heart to think to that dimension. While I was growing I have a few female features in me, so I decided to try what crossdressing looks like. Under one year I started making a lot of money. I was still a surprisešŸ˜³. So I give my body more Tim, rubbing expensive creams, smelling good, and looking out for myself. Boom more money keep coming... Men admiring me, women giving me endorsements from the right and left. A short story I fit in as a female to a man. God bless all women around the world many of you save me and I will always respect WOMEN. 

However, Bobrisky has decided to complete his transgender transformation comes 2021 in Columbia.

Bobrisky ideal and reason for becoming a crossdresser did not seat well with Bisi Alimi so he called him a fraud and also claimed he is a threat to Nigerian Trans community.

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(Source: Lindaikejiblog)

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