Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey put up royalty right of the very first tweet ever on Twitter for sell and it gross $2.5 million.

The tweet which is Jack Dorsey's first tweet on the Bird App might be purchased higher than $2.5 million as people are already biding for it at $2 million.

On Saturday, Jack posted the link to the biding site called Valuables by Cent where folks can buy/sell authenticated tweets with their autograph. 

Jack also put up his 2006 tweet for auction, when he wrote ... "just setting up my twttr." It's the tweet that kicked off every other tweet thereafter, so it's historic -- and the bids bear that out.

According to TMZ, as at the time of filing this report, the highest offer Jack has gotten so far for his tweets sits at $2.5 million courtesy of Bridge Oracle CEO, Sina Estavi who has been competing with tech entrepreneur in the crypto world, Justin Sun upping his price exponentially.

Sun started his bid with $500,000 and then upped it to $2 million after which, Estavi added $500,000 to his initial bided amount. Per Cent's rules, if anyone wants to outbid Estavi -- they'll have to throw down $2.75 million.

Might sound nutty, but selling digital assets like this is a thing ... which they call NFTs (non-fungible tokens). They're essentially one-of-a-kind collector's items that are recorded on a blockchain network -- the same system that supports and tracks crypto -- and which aren't interchangeable, unlike something like Bitcoin, which can be swapped back and forth.

So ... if you own an NFT, you're literally the only one who has it -- which, as we can see, carries inherent value in the marketplace. Welcome to 21st-century commerce.

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