Nigerian international pop star, Tiwa Savage rebuff Seyi Shay in a saloon in Lagos says "your yansh is the dirtiest in the industry."

In a recent video swiftly going viral, It appears Seyi Shay coincidentally ran into Tiwa Savage in a saloon in Lagos and according to the video she went to Tiwa to say "Hi" which did not seat right with Tiwa Savage and so the casala burts!

It is no news that Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay have their differences which is not hidden from the public, apparently has turned into a public fight.

At a time, Seyi Shay blocked Tiwa on Instagram and said a lot of embarrassing things about her.

In the video, Tiwa say to Seyi Shay "you think I have forgotten what you and Victoria Kimani said years ago?" 

"Don't come to me with your dirty spirit to say hi" says Tiwa Savage.
Seyi Shay also responded by saying "I won't do this with you," "don't make me open your yansh here," "Open it," Tiwa exclaimed!!!

Tiwa Savage further went on to call her names stating that Seyi Shay’s ‘yansh’ is the dirtiest in the industry tagging her a ‘whore.’
Seyi also fought back stating she just doesn’t want to start talking about what Tiwa Savage has been doing in the industry, Tiwa fired back again saying she should spill everything out.

The feud started in 2019 when Victoria Kimani and Seyi Shay called out or should I say sex shame, age shame and body shame Tiwa Savage online.

According to them, Tiwa Savage was blocking other female artists in the industry. 

They said Tiwa Savage does not allow promoters and event organisers to book other female artists in Africa alongside her as she wants to be the only female artist in Africa. 

But was that true? In our findings, this is what we found. 

An anonymous insider told Kemi Filani Blog, the beef is simply because Tiwa Savage once questioned why popular show promoter Paul Okoye would line Victoria Kimani and Emma Nyra on the same show he’s booking her for.

The insider said; “It’s common knowledge that Tiwa savage has been blocking other female artists from shows in order to be the only woman on the bill …. Female artists are too afraid to speak out …. perhaps because of the backlash despite all of this …… all of the women are still thriving !! Victoria Kimani personally didn’t want to say anything either because it’s water under the bridge and forgiveness is key …. the challenge went a bit too far but the underlying facts are still the same …. it’s a horrible motive and a rotten agenda to try and paint a false image that there are no other Talented and deserving female artists in AFRICA

The person went further; “Paulo once had Victoria Kimani, Emma Nyra and Tiwa in one of his successful shows. Tiwa questioned Paulo why he’ll put Kimani and Emma Nyra on the Same show with her (Tiwa). Now Paul is pretending as though Victoria Kimani is hating because of an alleged success …. Yemi is the most touring and loved female artist in AFRICA ….if she was going to be a senseless hater ….wouldn’t Kimani hate on her ?? It’s just pure facts bro Tiwa doesn’t want other female acts taking her space.”

More details soon...

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