Eustace Oseremen Eustace popularly known as Ballz is a wonder kid with an amazing hip-hop music talent garnished with extra swag to go with it.

While many Nigerian upcoming artists are busy trying to be like their predecessors and current highly praised superstars like Wizkid, Davido and others, Ballz is creatively establishing a style of his own and actively floating the dying hip hop music in Nigeria.

I must say, it is amazing to see 10 years old Ballz do hardcore rap in a country where most rappers are practically turning into afrobeat singers. On that note, it would not be too much to say Ballz is the future of hip hop in Nigeria.
Special talent and hip hop powerhouse of Freshdude records soon become the King of Hip Hop in Nigeria and Africa.

Ballz was born on the 3rd of December 2011 in the western part of Nigeria to Eustice Family from Edo State in Esan North East Local Government Area; Uromi. 

He started his musical career at the age of 4 professionally. At 5 years old he released his first two hit singles titled 'Da Street' and 'My Game,' with a couple of other hits available on all streaming platforms. 

Ballz has also done a couple of collaborations with foreign artists which includes Zambian fast-rising star, Kid Hunter on the single titled 'No Pain No Gain', American based rapper, Zenlarge with 'Two Worlds'.

Ballz is the lead artist at Freshdude Records, a label where his dad is the CEO.

In 2018, Ballz won the Children's Day Lagos Got Talent event and in 2019 made the first runner up at the One Lagos Fiesta concert.

Superstar Ballz is managed by his mom and he also has a kid sister, Esene Eustace aka Pinky; a songstress and fantastic rapper. It runs in the family, right? You are absolutely correct.  

Ballz is a smart kid with the ambition to study medicine. He is also a lover of football and a big fan of Manchester United. 

In 2020, Ballz released a 9 tracks album of hardcore hip hop which he titled 'Me, Myself and I'.

Just as at the time of writing this article we got information of his new single dropping soon titled  'Crown of Clay'. Watch out for it here as we will be dropping it once it's out. 

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