From Left: President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria; Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, Guinea.

President Muhammadu Buhari has condemns the military sudden take-over of government in Guinea called for immediate restoration of constitutional order in the country

This came after the Guinea military suspended the country’s constitution and ousted the democratically elected government.

According to the Nigerian foreign affairs ministry spokesperson, in a statement on Sunday, said the coup d’etat violates ECOWAS protocol on democracy and good governance.

“The Nigerian government is saddened by the apparent coup d’etat that has taken place in the Republic of Guinea today, in clear violation of the ECOWAS protocol of democracy and good governance,” Ms Sunsuwa in the statement said.

“The government of Nigeria strongly condemns and rejects any unconstitutional change of government and therefore calls on those behind this coup to restore constitutional order without delay and protect all lives and properties,” she added.

The Guinea soldiers on Sunday in what appears to be a national press conference video said they have taken control of the government and suspended the constitution of the country.

In the video, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya of the Guinea military said that the capital Conakry, National Assembly has been dissolved.

Doumbouya also added that all land and air routes have been shut in the interim, asking citizens to remain at home and await further instruction on the direction of the government.

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