University final year is a bridge of decision in the life of all scholars regardless of age or background. A critical year of decision making about the 1 million dollar question, what next after school?

To many graduands, it is to find a white-collar job, make some money and the real-life commenced. But to those who want more from life, the final year is the year of wearing a thinking cap and putting in the effort to manifest a white handkerchief out of deep black oil. 

This is the story of our guest and CEO of Aridica Media, Mr Paul Onoja.

It may be a short story of an establishment by a young and vibrant entrepreneur but the lesson here is the power of will as a Nigerian to become your own boss against all odds as against joining the ever-increasing number of job seekers in Nigeria. 

Also, it is inspiring to know that when you look inward you would realise that there are resources available to you to start small and grow big at your own pace.

As a youth, it is an inspiration for us all and as a corporate entity, it is a business you can trust to help actualise your vision.

And this is how the journey begins at Aridica Media:

The journey of ARIDICA MEDIA started during my final year in the university, as a project management student, I was thinking of what to do with my life after school. Then came one faithful day after playing football with my friends I returned to the hostel to shower when I was having my bath different ideas started coming to my head on different things I could do with my life after school. 

After some days I started breaking down the ideas to the sustainable one I could start with a lesser capital in order not to put myself under unnecessary pressure, during this period I realized I had to look for a unique and uncommon name I could give my company. This phase took a while because all the names that were coming to my head at that moment weren’t convincing enough.

On a faithful Sunday, after church service was lost in my thoughts thinking on the name to give my company, something supernatural just told me to use the names of my parents and siblings to form a name A- Akoh. R- Rachel. I- Ileh. D- Deborah. I- Idoga. C- Christiana. A- Adejo. There were so many options but this was celestial. 

 Then started ARIDICA MEDIA after my NYSC, A platform designed to help freelancers and online-based technology savvy youths get jobs by outsourcing our contracts to them. ARIDICA MEDIA is a fast-growing Nigerian media agency focused on sagaciously growing/expanding your brand or craft, over the years we have been helping our customers/clients reach their target audience. 
Our range of services is designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction with the retail process.

Our mission is to be the engine of the advertising agency in Africa. Our vision is to become a powerful force that will enhance the economic growth of Africa.

Our core values are Customer-Centric, 
Hard Work,
Honour & Integrity, Teamwork & Sacrifice, Passion and innovation. 

Our services are Social Media Management, Tv Advertisement, Radio Advertisement, Billboards, Telesales,
Twitter Advertisement, Twitter Trends (Top 5), Instagram Advertisement, Facebook Advertisement, Google Advertisement, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Bulk Sms, Email Marketing, Music/Brand Promotion, Opera Advertisement, Online Marketing(Via Influencers), Offline Marketing, App Development(IOS & Andriod) and Website Development.

The following is the list of our past and existing clients: Honeywell, Golden Penny, ELE Natural, Dangote flour mills, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Knorr cube, PAWA, Maggi, Hedge Auto Centre, Elekrint Nigeria Limited, Debaf Nigeria Limited, Jeme Technology and Rhemaelle Enterprise. 

These are the reasons you should work with us; We are powered by tech, Proper leads management, World-class visuals and We are a professional team

Contact us: Phone: +2349032944995

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