Nigeria Fast Becoming Land Of Litany Of Insanity By Dr Kenny Odugbemi

Nigeria Fast Becoming Land Of Litany Of Insanity

In Nigeria,proof  evidence abound that we have institutional failure of governance, diminishing State leadership especially in major regional hubs-NE,NW,NC,SE,SS

It is obvious that  there is complete breakdown of law and order across these regions current in Delta State-Okulama village

It is obvious that Police formation has no capacity to cope of violence in this regions account for reason of calling of Military forces and this is gradually becoming a norm, because of impunity creating state of litany of insanity across different regions

Military forces over time have given flimsy excuses to almost no response especially in Northern hemisphere

From action and reactionary outcome from orchestrated attack,it is obvious that we have porous intelligence information before going on peace and rescue mission,because of the anxiety of some vicious officers unleashing reactionary terror which led to reprisal attack where recraticant  youths who are heavily armed  with sophisticated weapon, we now wonder who actually laid thier arms before widely celebrated amnesty program,this clear failure of current leadership in South South region

The critical issue why are  Military forces summoned to settle land communal dispute,where are the militant who ate vigilantee,Police formation,Civil defense, and regional coordinated security formation

We have a verifiable record that 17gallant soldiers -were massacred in abush and thier body mutilated ,it mean the community leaders in Okulama are culpable

Critical analysis

✓Army Command formation

Who ordered this peace mission

Any compliance with,calling procedure tactics and doctrine of Military command

Okolama Community

After surrenderung arms for Amnesty how did the youths got access to sophisticated weapon?

Who check mate poliferation of weapon?

State government

Lack of purposeful leadership

Where is the use of Security votes by Governor's

Curbing Menace of drugs with collaboration with NDLEA

Impact of Military actions after the massacre of 17 Soldiers

Cordoning Okolama village

To retrieve weapon snatched by dangerous youths

Reactionary tendency from moral breakdown of Military command

Inferno in Villages and unsolicited killing extended to Bayelsa State

Impact assessment of breakdown in Non-Kinectic actions

Lack of community base relationship

Re-orientation of civilian mind toward security architecture

Conscious effort for National cohesion through change in behavioral mindset

Unravel people profiteering as conflict merchant thus encouraging criminal gangsters

Frustration of actionable task after major attack

Avoiding collective punishment for culpable and honest citizens

Use of all round Military competence in law as it relates to civil and international 


Setting up of independent commission of enquiry to investigate the human carnage

Reinvigorating Military and Civil corporate set up

Learning from lesson of past ODI Saga in River State