Global Community Expectation From Nigeria By Dr Kenny Odugbemi

Image Credit: Atlantic Council

The global community has the following expectations from Nigeria:

1. Geopolitics:

    - Regional leadership and stability

    - Peaceful resolution of conflicts

    - Effective contributions to global governance

2. Economic development:

    - Diversification and growth

    - Improved business environment

    - Increased foreign investment

3. Manufacturing and production:

    - Industrialization and value addition

    - Export-led growth

    - Development of key sectors (e.g., agriculture, tech)

4. Energy development:

    - Increased oil production and efficiency

    - Diversification to renewable energy sources

    - Improved energy access and security

5. Leverage on abundant oil:

    - Responsible management and conservation

    - Investment in sustainable development

    - Reduction of oil dependence

6. Constitutional reform:

    - Strengthening of democratic institutions

    - Protection of human rights and rule of law

    - Decentralization and devolution of power

Additionally, the global community expects Nigeria to:

- Address corruption and promote transparency

- Enhance education and healthcare systems

- Promote regional and global trade

- Address climate change and environmental issues

- Strengthen international partnerships and cooperation

Meeting these expectations will require Nigeria to address its challenges and leverage its opportunities, positioning itself for sustainable development and global influence.