Review Of Achievement Of PBAT- 1-Year In-Office

The reporting highlights the achievements of the President Bola Tinubu administration in its first year, progress in various sectors. However, a closer examination reveals some loopholes and deceitful aspects:


1. Lack of specific data and statistics to support the claims made.

2. No clear metrics or benchmarks to measure the success of the initiatives.

3. Limited information on the challenges faced and how they were addressed.

4. No mention of the funding sources for the various projects and initiatives.

5. No discussion on the potential risks and mitigation strategies.

Deceitful aspects:

1. Overemphasis on positive news, while glossing over challenges and failures.

2. Lack of transparency and accountability in the reporting.

3. No mention of the impact of the initiatives on marginalized communities.

4. No discussion on the long-term sustainability of the projects.

5. Overly optimistic tone, which may be misleading.


1. Include specific data and statistics to support claims made.

2. Establish clear metrics and benchmarks to measure success.

3. Provide detailed information on challenges faced and how they were addressed.

4. Disclose funding sources and ensure transparency in financial reporting.

5. Discuss potential risks and mitigation strategies.

6. Present a balanced view, including challenges and failures, to ensure accountability.

7. Include the impact on marginalized communities and ensure inclusivity.

8. Discuss long-term sustainability and potential exit strategies.

9. Maintain a realistic tone, avoiding overly optimistic language.

10. Regularly update and review progress to ensure continuous improvement.

By addressing these loopholes and deceitful aspects, the reporting can become more comprehensive, transparent, and accountable, providing a more accurate representation of the administration's achievements and challenges.