Nigeria Democracy In Perspective
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Nigeria Democracy In Perspective By Dr Kenny Odugbemi

The euphoria about true federalism with the quest to transform from current most expensive presidential system as enabled by our current fraudulent 1999 Constitution will eventually be a dead on arrival project considering the trajectory and optics of our 25years of uninterrupted democratic system of government 

We need to re-culture,and recalibrate our own local system by finding a convergence between presidential and parliamentary system of government 

The challenge we will have is sustainability and laying strong ethical foundation for this generation and the next

The yearning to pull this through constitutional amendment which we have christained Restructuring"will be inconclusive as the President Tinubu can only facilitate through our bicameral but going through 24states will be like passing through the needle,suffice to reaffirm most constitutional amendment has never benefitted the common citizen which form the greatest number eg resource control and 35% Women in politics inclusion, autonomy of local government,electoral reforms, 2014-constitutional conference outcome, open graze through provision of ranch across various States of  Federation to mention a little among lot of unfulfilled promise from all amendment 

The quest for devolution of power and resource efficiency has remain evasive,elusive through our past administrations

The serial change in our leadership has not help our political band economic stability hence the need for evidence based leadership thought and thinking 

My Suggestion 

We should rather forget quest for restructuring and facilitate through public referendum placing specific demand that will involve negotiation and agreement for the betterment and inclusive federation unit

Strategic approach 

Adopt one single election  to reduce cost of election such as

 Fy 1999-N2bn

Fy 2023-N308bn


Fy 2027-2035-N1trn

Reduce cost of governance

Our current recurrent expenditure N8.5trn as personnel cost of running MDA's must be reduced by 45%

Enhancing rule of law

The need to checkmate present administration by opposition through objectivity,purpose,goals will further improve our economic viability to global economy and our local community 

Facilitate robust representational spread by forming coalition with strong hold and intellect of opposition will allow flexibility and tapping into pool of existing talents rather than current deadbeat as political settle of 60% of present cabinet

Improving our economic outcome our annual output via improved productivity,reducing significantly our skyrocketing inflation , less forex volatility,resolving income inequality,ensuring that our expenditure meet our critical need

Reduce to minimum corruption through digitization of all MDA's to block all financial loophole

Ensure probity and accountability 

Criminalized corruption and terrorism with dead sentence

Reactivate,reenergize confidence level of public to belief in government policy 

Reduce bureaucracy across all tiers of government 

Truely decentralize and devolve m power to subnational 

Set agreed template across subnationals considering diverse balance score card of each state


Those Strategic innitiative with catalyse adaptability,probity and accountability, equitable distribution of power and resources,streamline electoral fraud, eradicate incomplete separation of power,improve legislative flioflopping, reduce political fragmentation and guarantee democratic accountability 

We can still maintain  maintain existing bicameral legislature with strong emphasy on cost reduction based on NASS members and public consensus


The lexicon of our democratic rule clearly elucidate greed,power conscious,selfi centeredness as our present hegemonic political leaders in our bicameral assembly till date do not care for our wellbeing hence they remain rubber stamp to our present inefficient administration 

Nigerians citizen welfare Will continue to deteriorate as citizen have reached thier Rubicon of oppression,anger,hunger which is beyond tolerable limit

Hence the need for paradigm shift to avoid anarchical tendencies due to protracted tendencies, terrorism ,all these are suggestive enticement of hijack of power just like other neighboring West African Countries beating in mind out existence is highly negotiable,only gun is limiting seccesion the army are gradually overwhelmed, police remain dysfunctional and other paramilitary are used under whimos and camprices just like other by unpatriotic politicians 

The time of true change is now, hope crushed need to be restored before thinking of being renewed

Critical review 

 Nigeria's democracy, arguing that the current presidentiacl system is expensive and inefficient. They suggest a hybrid system combining elements of presidential and parliamentary systems, achieved through a public referendum rather than constitutional amendment.

Proposed several strategic approaches, including:

1. Adopting a single election to reduce costs.

2. Reducing recurrent expenditure by 45%.

3. Enhancing the rule of law and checks on the administration.

4. Forming coalitions with strong opposition intellect.

5. Improving economic outcomes through productivity and reduced inflation.

6. Minimizing corruption through digitization and accountability.

7. Decentralizing power to subnationals with agreed templates.

The benefits of these initiatives include adaptability, probity, accountability, equitable distribution of power and resources, and reduced political fragmentation.

 Nigeria's democratic rule has been characterized by greed and self-centeredness, and that a paradigm shift is necessary to avoid anarchical tendencies and restore hope in government policy.

Overall, the text presents a comprehensive perspective on Nigeria's democratic challenges and offers suggestions for reform and improvement.Review:

The text is a thought-provoking commentary on Nigeria's democratic system, highlighting the need for reform and improvement. 

Find below  clear and concise argument, supported by specific examples and data.

Rating: 8/10



- Clear and concise writing style

- Well-structured argument

- Use of specific examples and data to support points

- Comprehensive coverage of the topic


- Some points may be too idealistic or unrealistic

- Lack of concrete solutions or implementation plans

- May be too critical of the current system without offering enough alternatives

Way Forward:

1. Provide more specific and realistic solutions to the challenges facing Nigeria's democratic system.

2. Offer concrete implementation plans and strategies