Security Regional Development And Agitation

Security Regional Development And Agitation By Dr Kenny Odugbemi

Nigeria is a failed state,the present administration can not provide robust security and social welfare has been grounded due to monumental corruption 

Security challenge is an anathema across six geopolitical zone and Abuja as the headquarter

Understanding the root cause possess a great challenges with careful analysis of the level of agitation across our geopolitical zones 

These challenges includes 

Herdmen crisis killing everybody including thier members 

IPoB South-east unknown gun Men though all are proscribed 

The quest to protest against marginalization,sit at home, killings of Soldiers at different region

Community clash on land grabbing where 17 soldiers,killing of six police officers and missing out of six police officers,in Abia 5 soldiers were gruesomely murdered 

Nigerdelta quest for economic emancipation because of environmental degradation 

Reflection through all zones except Southwest will require in comprehensive terms in the following sectors, health care, schoold,water,youth underemployment,it is sadden that most of herdsmen resides in thick forest across different regions eg Zambisa

It is obvious that failure in the past to proactively resolve emerging security threats has increase regional instability 

Reflection on killing of Military officers 

There is need for our Military officers to exhibit stimulus response whenever thier members are murdered,as Soldiers are trained to kill, wonders why they are now very vulnerable rather than display required aggression that is strong enough to wipe our drug addicted miscreant with sophisticated weapon even more powerful than those used by our State actors 

The spirited element arm forced must attack the enemies of the Nation but there is geometric increase in violence which can deter intelligence

Military officers must take audacious position by preventing people to sit at home as ordered by IPoB

We now have a double Jeopardy of random picking at random,when soldiers are attacked and killed rather than allowing criminals to escalate freely and picking innocent person across point of attack

It is noteworthy to state that perpetrators need not be from a place of heinous crime

There must be a proven evidence after investigation,there is need to localize crime,rather than be vixated , when ventilating in our perculiar environment 

It is noteworthy here that criminals are looking for gun and ammunition thier motive take supreme over thier action

There is need for Military officers must refrain from retailation, worthy to know that every human life is sarcocant,

Military must ensue violence any time,not insulting public sensibility 

Military must win the heart and soul of the people,but now Military ate fast becoming ease prey to be the target of the miscreant 

The miscreant are in fraternity in Igbo land denying people thier commercial sagacity and watton killing of Soldiers and Police officers 

Ohaneze leaders are fast becoming complacent over dealing with miscreant killing and oppressing Igbo indigines 

Politicians are fingered as the architect sponsoring mayhem across the regions causing instability whilst they provide huge funds and sophisticated gun for all the miscreants 

Criminal activities are universal with no respect for ethnicity and inclusion of ISIS,ISWAP and generous support of last administration actually geared up the vicefarious attitude of Fulani herders to be very specific 

It is also worthy to state that there are wrong people in power across all spheres supporting in cash and kind these miscreant 

Civil breakdown is beyond politics it requires vibrant leadership with capacity, competence,and characters with knowledge to resolve are grossly missing across high enchelon of our Security architecture especially heads if defence and intelligence are not in any way providing right Strategic leadership to new Service chiefs to resolve lingering assymetrical war fare that why terrorism wax strong in leaps and bounds, killing, kidnapping of students and populace demand for ransom increase without any meaningful mediation 

My suggestions

There is need to regionalize, restructure, recalibration and repositioning of Military and paramilitary activities 

There is need to press forward for constitutional amendment to criminalize with capital punishment for terrorist action 

There is need for submission by individual and group good audit report of lack of social wellbeing of officers ,wage increase, capitalising of fire power, global training to improve efficiency and effective of present State actors

This report is a commentary on the state of security and governance in Nigeria,

This  is the highlights various security challenges facing the country, including:

- Herdsmen crisis

- IPoB (Indigenous People of Biafra) activities

- Unknown gunmen

- Community clashes

- Environmental degradation

- Youth underemployment

- Military vulnerability

- Criminal activities

Suggestions to address these challenges, including:

- Regionalizing, restructuring, recalibrating, and repositioning military and paramilitary activities

- Criminalizing terrorist actions with capital punishment through constitutional amendment

- Improving social wellbeing, wages, and firepower of security officers

- Providing global training to enhance efficiency and effectiveness

This expresses concern over the perceived failure of the current administration to address these security challenges and calls for vibrant leadership with capacity, competence, and character to resolve the issue

Evaluating the cost of resolving security in Nigeria requires a comprehensive approach, considering various factors and sectors. Here's a breakdown of estimated costs:

1. Military and Paramilitary:

    - Equipment and weaponry: $1 billion - $2 billion

    - Training and capacity building: $500 million - $1 billion

    - Personnel salaries and benefits: $1 billion - $2 billion (annually)

2. Intelligence gathering and surveillance:

    - Technology and infrastructure: $500 million - $1 billion

    - Human intelligence and operations: $200 million - $500 million

3. Community engagement and development:

    - Social programs and initiatives: $500 million - $1 billion

    - Infrastructure development (roads, schools, healthcare): $1 billion - $2 billion

4. Counter-terrorism and extremism:

    - Programs and initiatives: $200 million - $500 million

    - Research and development: $50 million - $100 million

5. Border security and control:

    - Technology and infrastructure: $500 million - $1 billion

    - Personnel and operations: $200 million - $500 million

6. Cybersecurity:

    - Technology and infrastructure: $200 million - $500 million

    - Personnel and operations: $100 million - $200 million

7. Justice and legal reform:

    - Court infrastructure and personnel: $100 million - $200 million

    - Legal aid and access programs: $50 million - $100 million

Total estimated cost: $6.5 billion - $13.5 billion

Note: These estimates are rough and may vary depending on the specific requirements and scope of each sector.

To effectively resolve security challenges in Nigeria, a multi-year approach with sustained funding and commitment is necessary. This estimate should be considered a starting point for further discussion and refinement.


It's important to note that cost alone is not the only solution, strategy, and effective implementation are also crucial to achieving success in resolving security challenges in Nigeria.